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Pori College (City of Pori), Rauma College (City of Rauma), Pori Adult Education Foundation (Pori Adult Education Centre) and Western Finland Federation of Municipalities in Vocational Adult Education (Innova) have merged. The name of the new educational company is Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy (West Coast Education Ltd) and the marketing name is WinNova. Selbst wenn es manchmal so wirkt, als würden sich kleine gruppen bereits kennen, sind das meistens leute, die sich ebenfalls zum ersten mal sehen? The liability for organising education has been transferred to WinNova 1 January 2010 and the central administration is located in Rauma. Education is offered in Pori, Rauma, Laitila and Ulvila. The company has approximately 6000 students per annum and 800 staff members. WinNova provides education for vocational upper secondary qualifications, further and continuing education as well as other vocational adult education in the form of a limited liability company.