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The project ISO QUAM is based on two concrete products and project results which are planned to be transferred in a sectoral and partly in a geographical way. Every child in the school receives a copy of the same title in pop-up form for kindergartners, and early readers or novels for older children.
Following outputs and products are used:

European Standard

General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons (ISO/IEC 17024:2003): This output provides the concrete requirements for bodies wanting to operate a person certification scheme on the basis of ISO regulations and issue ISO conforming certificates. The ISO standard will be transferred to the metal sector and adapted in a way, so that organizations and bodies will be able to plan and implement person certification schemes for low skilled or unskilled workers in the metal sector

LdV Metal Cert Project

The Metal Cert project has developed a competence matrix for the metal sector for skilled workers and has defined the competence and skills categories in a very successful and promising way. Also this project has established a certification approach but without any European or international recognition. However the ISO QUAM project will base its approaches on the competence categories and certification approach developed in this project and realizes a geographical transfer of these project results into countries not involved in the project development.

The combination of the sectoral transfer of the ISO 17024:2003 requirements and approach together with the basic outputs of the Metal Cert project will be used to establish a certification scheme for low skilled and unskilled workers in the metal industry in Europe and solving their disadvantages and problematic employment situation for the future.

The added value of the ISO QUAM project to the baseline projects and outputs used is that through the combination of the two ways of innovation transfer (sectoral and geographic) we will be able (only with minor adaptations) to establish and innovative and strongly needed scheme for accreditation of competences with international acceptance (ISO standard) for a target group which is highly disadvantaged on the labour market and needs innovative solutions especially during the current economic situation. From the Metal Cert project the new approach will take the single competences described in there (of course with a break down to competences of low skilled workers) and from the ISO 17024:2003 standard the project will take the approach of an internationally accepted certification scheme for persons.